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Covid Precautions

We at First Class Children's Centre are committed to the safety of you and your children. We have the following policies as per the guidance of the Provincial & Municipal Governments.

  • Educators wear masks 100% of the time indoors. Each educator has a visor to use as necessary. Masks are not required whilst outdoors

  • Classroom's & playgrounds have been modified for increased protection

  • Additional staff on site to disinfect doors, bathrooms, toys.

  • Adjusted special events to minimize exposure to outside adults. Special activities will continue with in-house instructors.

  • Parents are permitted inside the building strictly with a mask (unless a medical exemption is provided). Parents are asked to minimize their time on site.

  • Parents and staff answer a family health questionnaire each morning on arrival

  • A “no-touch” temperature reading is taken for each child and staff member upon arrival.

  • Additional hand washing is scheduled for both children and staff.

  • Mandatory hand sanitizer upon entry for adults.

  • Protocols are in place if a child were to develop an illness while at the daycare. A child with a fever or a new cough, will be quarantined with a dedicated staff member until their parents arrive.

  • Separate entrances and exits into the facilities for parents.

  • In case of a positive COVID occurrence, parents will be informed the same day by email.

  • Public Health Ontario will be immediately contacted on any positive test to enable tracing contact, evaluating, isolation, etc.



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